The Great Irish Beer Festival is a three day event featuring craft beer from Irish producers, live music, lectures, brewing demos & food prep demos.

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August 24-26th 2017

Cork City Hall

With three sections and two wings with comfortable seating arrangement to accommodate a large number of guests, Cork City Hall is one of the most well known venues to host successful events in the city.

More Than Just Great Beer

  • photos of Le Galaxie band
    Live Music
    Performances by Le Galaxie, Stiff Little Fingers, Rebel Rebel - The David Bowie Experience, The Band Anna & plenty more.
  • Brewing Demos
    Expert brewing demonstrations will be provided by innovative brewers. More details TBA!
    image of a beer brewmaster
  • example of a food pairing with craft beer and burger
    Food Preparation & Pairing Demos
    Food pairing demo combining local produce and beer from the festival to create unique taste experiences.
  • Beer Lectures
    Guest lecturers will discuss a variety of beer-related topics from setting up professional beer tastings to starting your beer business.
    photo of person giving a lecure about craft beer and brewing

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